Akosua Kokonsa on “Ghana Celebrities”.

25 Sep

Akosua Kokonsa is my name… An afrocentric, afropolitan girl from some village in Ghana.

This blog is set to bring out the “real personalities” in our so-called “Ghanaian Celebrities“. I’m not bias, therefore be assured that I’ll report on my most favored celebrity too. Unless, I don’t hear about it. I’ll surely BASH them….! What does Ghana Celebrities write about?

Kindly help me understand, what it means been a “celebrity” in Ghana. Are they the occasional people we see on the TV, listen to them on the Radio & probably read about them in the Newspapers? What kind of life-style should they lead?

Lot of these morons are using the cheap-ass fame they get from funny tv commercials, radio marketing voice-overs & occasional appearances on some shows/programmes to be break the rules and act as if, they are above the law.

Fuck No…! Their skeletons will be out pretty soon.

APPEAL: I’m an open-free-minded ewuraba who’s always ready to run her mouth at the least. If for some unknown reasons, you don’t  like any of the articles/posts I write and feel the need to say something to me; kindly express yourself freely by commenting or just raise your hand and cover your mouth with it till the need passes…

If that doesn’t work, go jump into the Korle Lagoon & swim all you can. lool.. yikes!!…